Beyond the second amendment

Watching the news - coverage of the democrats staging this kumbaya sit-in in the government to force a vote on gun control. I chuckle. And I am angry. (I also haven't had carbs in 12 hours). Forgive the possibly excessive use of the "F" word and its derivatives. What bothers me the most is this ridiculous, offensive and condescending notion that gun supporters are a bunch of low level, uneducated, unsophisticated blue collar peasants lacking the intelligence and finesse to confront attackers with non-violent erudition and diplomatic debate, sort of modern day wild west cowboys, swaggering john-waynes that embody all that is unrefined and ignorant. [Note: I have a well-paying office job in technology, a college education, and a Colt revolver. Oh, and I am a foreign, single, straight, white female living in the US. Legally. Just throwing it out there for context and all...] First of all, who the fuck do you think you are?!? The negative connotation of blue collar itself is perhaps the most hypocritical part of all - who the fuck do you think built this country? Who the fuck do you think keeps it running?!? What happens to a ship when the rowers are gone, what does the captain on his own do at that point?!? Not a fucking thing, just like a general doesn't win the war without an army of soldiers that actually do the fucking work. An architect can plan an astonishing structure, but it means shit without the construction workers that build it. Any Ivy League think-tank brain can have a spectacular idea for a new product or service, but an idea is nothing without the infrastructure of "lower level" people that execute it, build it, produce it, deliver it, sustain it. The suit on the top floor doesn't have a fucking job without the mass of people that do the work. Nor, by the way, does he have the suit to begin with without the seamstress that stitched it up. So don't you fucking dare have the arrogance for even one moment of thinking that "blue collar" is somehow a lesser status than yours. It is the fabric, the very soul of all societies and allow you - intellectual /executive/ big kahuna fucknut - to even exist. Say thank you and show some fucking respect. Second of all, the right to defend and protect oneself and one's "pack" against attack (of any kind) is not just a legal, constitutional right (in this country, which -ohbytheway- was founded by middle class folks revolting again "the King", funny how that goes), but an innate, inalienable instinct that every living species has and carries out without a thought when necessary, in a natural cycle of existence. In every environment there are predators and prey, and each have their own predators and are in turn someone's prey. It's called life and the fittest/ most adaptable survive. Period. It's worked since the beginning of time, until humans "evolved" (yes, quotes for sarcasm). Show me any living creature that does not have a "built in" defense mechanism, from the thorns of a rose to the fangs of a wolf. Humans, in all their so-called "higher level of evolution", are the only ones that have the presumption of legislating what is a natural drive for self preservation. If you are a psychotic, batshit-crazy dickhead (whether you re the zodiac fucking killer or an ISIS groupie) that gets off on causing unprovoked harm to others, then your victims have a right to defend themselves. If they can't, then others whose job or inclination is to defend those that are defenseless against you will get to execute their mandate. End of story. You want to worship whatever crackerjack ideology you identify with? Go right ahead, it's your imperative right to do so -- so long as you leave me -in peace- to mine. This sense of natural progression, of self-regulation, of innately efficient social dynamics, of a basic "don't fuck with me and I won't fuck with you, but if you do fuck with me or my crew, be ready cuz I ain't going gentle into that good night" is also called common sense. And the real ugly ass truth is that common sense is dying a horrible nasty death. This extinction is what is causing human society to collapse on itself, to implode progressively and exponentially. The symptoms of this mental and moral decay are tragically manifesting everywhere, every day, if you only pay attention - from the scrolling headline news to the personal anecdote of the random stranger you overhear talking in line at the grocery store. It worsens at a frightening pace, and the levels of ridiculousness are almost comical- if they weren't so deeply troubling and bordering on dystopia. Nobody wants to acknowledge it, because that would mean that, oh shit, guns aren't the problem, your skin color is not the problem, which flavor of sex rocks your world is not the problem, which deity you choose to pray to is not the problem. None of that shit matters in the least. The problem is you - me - us, all of us culpable of just having no fucking common sense. The biggest paradox is, in fact, the very rarity of 'common' sense. Where does this epidemic of stupidity come from? When did it start? Fuck if I know, I'm sure there are illustrious luminaries in the social fields that can trace the history - but my opinion is that it is progressively generational. It started well before my generation. It started with the bastardization of the concept of equality and human rights, a fundamentally righteous and noble idea that got progressively stretched far, far beyond its meaning, and bled into a sense of entitlement, instant self-gratification, completely annihilating any notion of earning one's keep, of rising through merit, of the inner self-actualization that can only be given by the growth and improvement that is born out of overcoming adversity and challenges. It took ugly, malformed, contorted shapes such as "everyone is a winner just for participating", no child left behind, scoring on a curve, the path-of-least-resistance, the easy way is the best way, the McDonald's lawsuit, the free college for law breakers (illegals), affirmative action, bra-burners taking offense at being shown gallantry (and a whole mess o' consequences from this one that I will not even start on!!!), political correctness, the list goes on and on (and the ramifications are tentacular). And the product is a generation of self-entitled zombies incapable of establishing meaningful relationships, or unable to have personal interactions without a fucking smartphone.

It's not their fault. A parent taught them that it's ok to do so - or, worse, shakes his or her head, lamenting "it wasn't like this 'back in the day' when I grew up", and yet doesn't do a fucking thing to change it. And those that still valiantly try to actually parent their kids, have their work cut out for them, as kids are exposed to just about everything so much more easily, information being disseminated in the blink of a digital eye from one end of the world to another, available virtually without restriction. A tsunami of trends and subcultures that would have taken decades to shape in the past, today take root in an instant (hence the term "viral" ) - and, good, bad or indifferent as they may be, can also be uprooted and die just as fast, crushed by the "next big thing", which inevitably will come. We wouldn't have it any other way,after all, in this transitory nature where nothing of substance even has the time to take hold, we are left with shallow trends,thoughts,ideas, circumstantial 'friendships' (which dissolve when the circumstances change), that we grow bored with in an instant, not surprisingly, and have a maniacal crave for "new". Because sticking with something (or someone) at some point gets hard, and we don't like that. omg, soooo five minutes ago already. And so the pattern continues and feeds on itself, voraciously. The steady, solid, fundamental core values and principles that are needed as the pillars of any stable human endeavor, the guide to our choices, the markers against which we measure ourselves, are, in reality, now holograms built in sand. It's mental and moral cheap plastic versus brick mortar and stone, it's the plywood and stucco walls of cookie cutter houses built by the dozens in a month, versus stone cathedrals that withstood the tests of time. The parallels can be drawn ad nauseam. So it comes as no big surprise that the so called intellectuals, the self-defined "elite", the white collar "leaders", the politicians make a pathetic display of the very vulgarity and ignorance they condemn in the "gun totin' rednecks", by convincing themselves that staging 60s-style sit-ins in the government, demonizing whatever the scapegoat of the day is (today is guns, yesterday it was race, day before it was police brutality), or the incessant infantile bickering of the candidates (for good measure) will have any hope of resolving anything at all. Tell me, what have your "debates" accomplished? What has all this rhetoric, this self-indulgent narrative ever accomplished? (Truth be told, I'm not sure you even believe in what you are doing - not really. But it makes for plenty of TV coverage. And plenty TV coverage means votes. And votes mean money, power, status. Praised be the ballots.) Grow a fucking pair, quit hiding behind noble-sounding but hopelessly bullshit chatter, and show me the real fucking courage of an honest look at yourselves - ourselves - in the mirror, and take some fucking accountability, own up to what really is driving this "democracy", this "economy", this society, you. Until that happens, and I very much doubt it ever will, the degradation of everything that made this civilization great will continue on course. Then what?

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